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Learning a new set of skill will broaden the opportunities, at the same time will empower one as an individual. Reports revealed that there's major skill gap in the country as 80% of the graduated population are unemployable.


Pogrom Relief Work


Epidemic Relief Work
“The hope of the world lies in the rehabilitation of the living human being,”


Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead life to sovereign power. Alfred Lord


Initiative : We at Miles2Smile have been trying to help them in all the possibilities. Shaagird is one such educational programme that works on the principles of “Each one Teach one”.


Flood Relief Work
"If you ever help others achieve their dreams, you naturally will achieve yours".


The Health Initiative
We all have come together for a single cause: To spread happiness, To share smiles."


Initiative : During the process of providing medical and rehabilitational support, we felt that the affected families were very much dependent on......

Recent Stories & Our Initiative

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Riot victims stitch back their lives by sewing safety gear

Eighteen-year-old Saina, a resident of Shiv Vihar in northeast Delhi, has had little to do since her house and family’s shop were damaged during a communal riot in February. — stitch (PPE) for front-line workers to aid their fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) disease

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Unlocking hope in the face of a lockdown

The 2020 Delhi pogrom, were multiple waves of bloodshed, property destruction, and rioting in North East Delhi, beginning on 23 February. More than a month after the violence had ended, hundreds of wounded were languishing in inadequately staffed medical facilities and corpses were being found in open drains..

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Shaagird Initiative

As a result of such a dilapidated education system we do face a serious crunch in getting employed. Ninety-three per cent of Indians are still employed in the unorganised sector and only 7 per cent are in the organised sector. We at Miles2Smile have been trying to help them in all the possibilities. Shaagird is one such educational programme that works on the principles of “Each one Teach one”.

Message from the founder



“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety,
after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.”

...Ali Ibn Abi Talib R A.

There exist solely a single curve that sets everything straight-"Smile". The most important thing which helps us move on and forget our scars after something disastrous has happened, is internal joy which ultimately brings smile on the face. Smiles are truly precious. Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile. Smile five times a day at someone you really don’t want to smile at; do it for peace”. A smile is not a superficial gesture that starts and ends on the face; it comes from the heart and touches the heart of the recipient. Love and peace can work wonders. When there is love and compassion, there is no room for hatred. We work on two lines. “We are ready to cover all the miles to restore a single smile” and when we do so, “we will Build Back Better”.

Medical Assistance

2000 +

Family Rehabilition

250 +

Business Redeveloped

100 +


3500 +

We Are Ready To Cover Thousand Miles To Restore A Single Smile

Spread Smile